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annabellle's Journal

Lady Jane
21 December 1986
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It says lady jane is my name, but i also say my name is Sage. In all actuallity my name is Nicola, or Nic. I've recently been called Nic-Nic, and i quite like that.
I'm American, though i currently live in wales, in a little vilalge called Abersoch. I hold a highschool Diploma as well as a Diploma in Astrology and Parapsychology through Darnly Career Acadamy (not sure what it's worth though), and i'm currently working towards my Master Herbalist Degree through Global College of Natural Medicine.
I'm pagan, very pagan i suppose, though i go through phases. I've been studying/practicing for nearly ten years now. I'm currently attempting to write a book about it, though it's just one big essey - which i loath esseys. But i feel i have a few points i need to make.
I've also written my first novel and am halfway through it's follow-up book as well as working on trying to get it published. wish me luck.
I'm very into answering "big questions" such as "who are we", "what is our purpose", "what is reality", "what is the next level" and so on. as a result, i've been stumbling into not so much answers, but rather groups of other questions that to find the answer to them should help me on my journey to answering the bigger questions. The deeper down the rabbit hole i go, the more i find i've been on the right path my whole life, and that i am doing what i am supposed to be doing, and these answers are what i need to be focussing my mind on.
I live in an orange world. I find the life is so much more easily defined if you define it in colors. Though, some people interpret colors differently. If you were to take a crayon out of a box and read the lable which says "yellow", i would think the color depressing. However, if it were "gold yellow" or "sunshine yellow", i would think the color to be quite cheerful.
And here i sit, rambling about colors. My world is Orange, what color is your's?